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The Lookout Tower at Osikonmäki
A Wide View from The Hyppinki Hill
The lookout tower at Osikonmäki was built in the
autumn of  the year 2000 as a result of extensive
 local and nationwide cooperation. The lookout tower
 is one of  the Leader II projects.
The area where the tower stands has been planned
 to serve hikers and student groups, many kinds
 of events, etc.
The lookout tower stands on the Hyppinki Hill,
on the Papinmäki Road, only two kilometres away
 from the municipal centre of  Rantasalmi.  The
 lookout tower area belongs to a regional hiking
 route and a wider regional plan called 
The Green Gold Culture Road. 
The lookout tower is open for visitors also
during the winter.
Come along and see for yourself !


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