Osikonmäki is a village in the middle of the municipality of Rantasalmi. It is 12 kilometres long and its area covers about 6500 hectares. The tree-covered hills of this village with a varied landscape descend to the lake of Alanen. The scenery is rich with forests that are nicely surrounded with cultivated fields and the railway. Osikonmäki has been classified as a nationally valuable cultural landscape. 

The present-day residents of the village earn their living mainly by animal husbandry, agricultural businesses, forestry, wood processing industry, entrepreneurship and handicraft. 

At the moment there are some 400 people living at the village. The village school has three teachers and about 60 pupils. A day nursery visits the village school once a week and it is open for children under seven years of age.

 A special feature of the Osikonmäki village is its railway station area with small and medium-sized industrial enterprises. The railway area carries a historical meaning in the development of the Osikonmäki village.





The Cultural Landscape Development Project in Osikonmäki 

During the years 1997 - 2000 an extensive cultural landscape development project was completed in the Osikonmäki village with the help of EU LEADER II money. During this project, a large number of environmental projects, such as building renovations and tree planting, were completed and training as well as get togethers were organised. A milk platform was built for a village information centre and a lookout tower was completed during the summer of 2000. 

The project was based on a need to improve the tidiness and surroundings of the own valuable village landscape. At the same time an increase in several aspects of the village life could be noticed: the feeling of togetherness among the villagers, their activity and responsibility towards their immediate surroundings.


INFO-CENTRE INSIDE THE MILK PLATFORM (at the crossroads Hiismäentie/Osikonmäentie): information on facilities in Osikonmäki